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Want even more from your timeshare ownership?
For over 40 years, RCI® has been offering timeshare owners like you vacation exchange opportunities at over 4,300 affiliated resorts in 110 countries around the world. With exchange programs like RCI® Weeks and RCI Points®, our members enjoy access to an exciting world of vacation benefits, services, and opportunities - all from the vacation they already own.
We invite you to join our community of 3.9 million subscribing members.
About RCI
Over 40 years ago RCI invented Timeshare Exchange
RCI is the global leader in vacation exchange. Founded as Resort Condominiums International in 1974, to facilitate exchanges among condominium owners, RCI quickly became a driving force for growth within the timeshare exchange industry and has been at the forefront ever since.
RCI's core business is exchange vacations, providing its 3.9 million subscribing members access to over 4,300 resorts spanning the globe in 110 countries through week-for-week and points-based timeshare exchange programs.
RCI subscribing members are passionate about how they choose to spend their hard earned leisure time, demanding flexibility, quality, and freedom of choice. They crave variety and adventure, and that's why they choose RCI to help them get more flexibility out of their vacation ownership.
Subscribing Membership
Vacation flexibility and a world of opportunity
Like you, RCI subscribing members are passionate about vacation. Have you ever wanted more than one vacation, or to travel to another destination or during a different time? As an RCI subscribing member, you can explore and take advantage of thousands of exchange opportunities around the world, bringing you more flexibility, value, and enjoyment from your vacation ownership.
As an RCI Weeks member, you can use your own units each year or Deposit your Week and exchange for another available vacation. RCI Weeks members can choose from thousands of resorts beyond their home resort and have the flexibility and convenience to use their deposit in multiple ways - and search for the vacation that fits, every time.
1 year: $159USD | 2 years: $239USD
The RCI Points® program provides subscribing members with a flexible way to exchange their vacation time for time at other resorts around the world. Your vacation week is assigned a Point value, depending on a range of factors, such as supply and demand at the resort, the type of unit and season in which you own, and the evaluations of members who have stayed there in the past. This Point value is the number of Points that you are allocated each Use Year to exchange for vacation time at a choice of over 4,300 resorts in 110 countries!
To become an RCI Points member, please call your home resort.
What's the advantage of joining RCI?
As a timeshare owner, you are committed to getting the most value for your vacation dollar. As an RCI subscribing member, you will enjoy access to a wide range of benefits and services that will enhance your ownership experience.
Extra Vacations℠ Getaway Cash vacations – no deposit necessary – on 7-night getaways often for less than the cost of a hotel! Prices start as low as $399USD per week (only $57USD per night)
Last Call℠ Vacations Last minute, week-long resort vacations available to book 45 days or less before check-in, for $319USD or less per week. You will find incredible vacation opportunities at the last minute. One member's cancellation might turn into the dream vacation you never thought possible!
Hotel Discounts Save up to 60% on hotels and receive the Best Price Guaranteed. Book your hotel needs through RCI, and know you’re getting great value for your vacation.
RCI Cruise Vacations No restrictions on sailing dates, onboard credit with nearly every booking, and the Best Rate Guaranteed on all sailings. Learn more at RCI.com/Cruise.
Guest Certificates Share the world of Extra VacationsSM Getaways and Last CallSM Vacations with your family and friends.
Trading Power Protection With RCI® Trading Power Protection, you can protect the trading power of your deposit to ensure it’s retained in the event of cancellation.
RCI Magazine RCI Magazine provides exclusive access to travel tips and resources. Start exploring new ideas for your future travels and see where your membership can take you. Explore online at RCI.com/Magazine.
Member Stories
We are newbies in the timeshare world and have only had one vacation to date with RCI. During that vacation we stayed at the Berkshire on the Ocean at Delray Beach Florida... We could walk into town to fabulous restaurants and the people at the resort were very friendly. As new retirees, it certainly opened our eyes to the realm of vacation possibilities that our RCI membership offers and we are excitedly planning our next vacation!
My husband and I joined RCI in 1991 when our youngest son was 5 years old. We purchased a condo in Panama City Beach, the Landmark Holiday Beach Resort... We've exchanged all over the U.S. and once in Mexico. We have so many wonderful memories from these vacations! Condos have made what can be stressful family get-aways in small hotel rooms to relaxing and fun times to share!
In 2008 my parents provided us with a guest certificate to enjoy a Las Vegas vacation. We chose Summer's Bay behind Harrahs. We had been discussing transfer of ownership so this was a great opportunity to learn how RCI & vacation ownership worked. We'll definetly go back now that we are the full owners!! BRING ON THE RCI VACATIONS!!!!
This was the first RCI vacation we had ever used with our points. The booking was easy, the check-in was flawless and the room was spectacular ... We will never forget our time as a family experiencing the vacation of our dreams. Thank you RCI!
This was our 4 year anniversary, and because of RCI, we were able to stay in a very romantic, and expensive room for our Disney vacation!... I just can't say enough about what RCI has allowed us to do, we are looking forward to going back here with our family around the holidays ...
Do I actually own a Week or do I have Points?
When it comes to timeshare, there are many different ownership options. Some examples of ownership types are a fixed week or fixed unit, a floating week, or your resort may simply allocate a number of points for you to use each year. For specific information about your ownership, you will need to review your purchase documents or contact your resort. Your agreement with RCI is separate and distinct from your agreement to purchase your timeshare. For more information about the RCI Weeks and RCI Points exchange programs, please go to www.rci.com.
What is trading power? (Applicable to Weeks Only)
Deposit Trading Power - Once your week is deposited, it is assigned a Deposit Trading Power, which is used to determine what exchange vacation options are available to you. A couple of the main components of Deposit Trading Power are supply and demand. If you own a week that a lot of people typically want and has had limited availability, the Deposit Trading Power is likely to be higher. If you have a week that fewer people typically want or has had a lot of availability, the Deposit Trading Power is likely to be lower. While Deposit Trading Power is the value derived and assigned to a week once it is deposited with RCI, Deposit Trading Power may also be derived when making a Combined Deposit or from the residual value of a Deposit Credit. Deposit Trading Power may vary from Deposit to Deposit and from year to year based on a variety of factors. To learn more about Deposit Trading Power, please visit www.rci.com/deposittradingpower

Exchange Trading Power- Exchange Trading Power is the value assigned to a resort week available for exchange in the RCI® system. Unlike Deposit Trading Power, which you can lock in once you deposit, Exchange Trading Power is always changing based on supply and demand. The Exchange Trading Power for a unit of Vacation Time may differ from the Deposit Trading Power of that Vacation Time. To learn more about the Exchange Trading Power, please visit www.rci.com/exchangetradingpower
How early should I deposit my week (Applicable to Weeks Only)?
Deposit your week 9 months to 2 years in advance of the start date of your ownership week to receive 100% of your available Deposit Trading Power to use for exchange. However, when you can deposit may vary based on when your resort makes your week available to you and when you pay your maintenance fees.
What are the most important tips to find an exchange vacation?
  • Keep your search broad. Be flexible with dates and locations, you never know what you'll discover.
  • Use the available search filters to narrow down your options to the ones that suit you best.
  • Search by "vacation type" rather than a specific destination – you may discover a place you never thought of.
  • Consider smaller units. If you only need a studio or one-bedroom, you may discover destinations you never thought possible with your Deposit Trading Power. Plus, if you use less Deposit Trading Power than your deposit has to exchange for a vacation, you'll get a Deposit Credit.
For further questions please call us toll free at:
RCI Weeks: 1-800-338-7777
RCI Points: 1-877-968-7476
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